COVID-19 News & Temporary Operational Changes

Last updated: 1 July 2020

As a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, we have had to implement some temporary changes to our operational procedure. These are to ensure the safety of both our guests and our staff. We will continue to update this page to ensure all relevant information is available to guests at all times:


- We are reopening on 4 July 2020. 

Cancellation Policy

- If you made your booking before 15 April 2020, or if your scheduled stay starts before 1 August 2020, assuming we are open, we are unable to transfer or refund your deposit. However, if you cancel and we manage to re-let your cottage, we will refund your deposit minus any discounts we have to offer to get a new booking. 

- If you made your booking after 15 April 2020 for stays on or after 1 August 2020, your booking includes cancellation insurance. This means you can cancel for any reason between two and 60 days before your arrival and receive a full refund of money paid within one week of your scheduled stay. If you cancel more than 60 days or less than two days before arrival, we cannot offer you any refund or transferral of your booking unfortunately.

Before Arrival


- We will require names and contact numbers for all guests (not just lead bookers). This will be collected via email prior to arrival. We will not use these details for anything other than if we need it for track and trace purposes related to COVID-19.

- We will require the lead guest to confirm before arrival that none of the guests are showing none of the symptoms of coronavirus (fever, dry persistent cough, loss of taste or smell).

- We like to extend a warm welcome to all of our guests at Beech Farm. The first time guests arrive, we like to be able to show them round the site and their cottage to ensure they know where everything is and how everything works. We will still endeavour to be on site when you arrive and to offer you a socially distanced smile, but we will not be able to offer you a personal tour. Consequently, in our pre-arrival information, we will email you with instructions on where the pertinent things are (both on site and in your cottage).


- Temporarily, check-in will be from 4pm and check-out by 9:30am. We kindly ask guests to respect this to enable us to ensure the cottages are 'Covid-secure' for our next guests.

- We currently ask our guests to open windows when they check-out, to leave the keys on the hooks inside the cottage, and to put all used bedding and towels in laundry bags which we will provide. 

- We appreciate that the two items above are an imposition to our guests so we don't ask lightly. It does however enable us to follow procedures ensuring the safety of yourselves, future guests and our staff. 


- We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our cottages and we never compromise on this. However, there are some changes to our changeovers that we will be implementing during the pandemic:

          - We operate in an eco-friendly manner at Beech Farm and try to use environentally-friendly cleaning products. In the short term however, we will be replacing our sanitising products with those which meet the WHO guidelines for fighting coronavirus.

          - During cleaning, we will ensure that all common 'touchpoints' - eg door handles, light switches, remote controls, keys, kitchen surfaces etc - are sanitised thoroughly at the end of the cleaning shift.

          - 'Fogging' - we have bought a fogging machine that enables us to disinfect curtains, sofas and chairs. This will be done in every cottage at every changeover.

          - We have conducted a thorough risk assessment using guidelines produced by the Government and relevant professional trade associations to form a new rigorous set of cleaning protocols. We would not reopen if we were not confident that we could do so in a safe way. 

Swimming Pool

- We are able to open the swimming pool from 4 July by offering pre-booked sessions only, with a thorough clean between groups.

- Consequently we will be operating a pre-booking system. This system is subject to change because this is the first time we have implemented a system like this. We will continue to review the system to deliver the best possible guest experience. You will not get to swim every day initially but you will get to go at least every other day.

- All the guidance around pools may change/relax when Government guidance about reopening of all pools does (anticipated that this could be mid-July).

- We will ask guests to come to the pool building 'beach-ready'. Guests should shower and change in the cottages before going to the pool and not use these facilities in the building (all of the cottages are a very short walk away from the pool building).

- The toilet in the pool building should also not be used.

- We usually have a supply of pool toys and swimming aids for use during people's stays. These have had to be temporarily removed but we will try to have a small stock available for purchase and you are welcome to bring your own. If you do use your own toys, please remove them from the pool building after use as they obviously should not be used by people from a different group.

- The sauna is within the pool building so can only be used during your pre-booked sessions.

Animal Feeding

- Sheep, goat and chicken feeding will continue with guests. To avoid unnecessary social interaction between guests, sessions will be scheduled and 'by appointment only'. There will be two morning sessions (9am and 9:20am) and one afternoon session (approx 5:30pm but could be changed) every day. It should be possible for cottages to attend a session every other day if desired but it is possible (but unlikely) that this would stretch to a every three days if we have eight different groups in our eight cottages who all want to feed the animals as much as possible (this would be exceptionally rare).

- Guinea pig feeding/handling sessions are temporarily suspended. It is impossible to do this without close contact with Beech Farm staff unfortunately. When social distancing guidelines change, we will revisit this.

Table Tennis

- We will supply sanitised table tennis equipment to borrow upon request. Please keep this for the duration of your stay and leave it in your cottage when you depart.

- There is now a sanitising station near the table tennis table in the walled garden so guests can sanitise the table and the barbecues which are stored nearby.


- Please wash your hands before and after use using the hand washing station by the stable, and respect social distancing guidelines.


- Please only one family at a time inside the guest laundry.

- There will be sanitising wipes inside for use on the machines.

- All toys, books, games and DVDs have been removed temporarily as it is impossible to ensure these are adequately sanitised. As soon as guidance changes, we will revisit this.

- We have kept the leaflets available but we ask you to take away with you any leaflet you touch.

Outside Dining

- All cottages will have a dedicated outdoor eating space during their stay. Regretfully it is not possible for these to always be directly outside your cottage. We kindly ask guests to only use their dedicated outdoor table during their stay.

- We will inform you of where yours is located in your pre-arrival information.

Sanitising Stations

- There is hand washing outside the stable (next to animal feeding and the playground). 

- We have also set up a sanitising station in the walled garden area, next to the table tennis area. Guests should sanitise the table tennis table and barbecues before use.

- We have also set up a sanitising station in the guest laundry (which also serves as the honesty shop).

What is, and what is not inside your cottage?

- The Government advice is that non-essential items are removed from the cottages.

- Consequently, we have temporarily removed hairdryers, welcome folders, board games and bed throws from the cottages.

- We also have had to temporarily remove the toys, books, games and DVDs from the guest laundry as well.

- All cottages now have smart TVs so you will be able to access Netflix, Prime, BBC iPlayer etc as well as the Freeview channels. Please remember to log out of any accounts before you leave.

- Welcome folder information will be sent by email before arrival. This will also include a link to the information on the website as well as a page detailing what is open in the nearby area and what is not.

- We usually supply a homemade cake, some tea, coffee, sugar and milk for all guests upon arrival. This will temporarily be supplied inside a bag that more than two days before your arrival so you can be assured that it is 'safe'. Sadly this means that the cake will not be homemade for now.

Baby/Infant Paraphernalia

- If you require anything like cots, high chairs, stair gates etc, please let us know in advance. This means we can safely put them in your cottage before you arrive and therefore not enter your cottage when you are there.


- If you have any problems in your cottage, you can either contact us on site (we are there every day) or by calling us. However, if there is something that needs to be fixed in the cottage, if possible, we will do this when you are out. We will do this in the safest way possible for both you and ourselves. 

We thank you for your understanding and hope you all stay safe and well.


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